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Check out our HOPE Weekends for distressed marriages at www.livethelife.org.  HOPE Weekends are cheaper than a divorce.

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Richard Marks, PhD, LPC

Dr. Marks conducts speaking and preaching engagements for churches and social service organizations. Contact us today to find our more.

Love Better

Richard Marks, PhD 

Serving Couples and Families

Welcome to the website of Richard Marks, PhD.  Or, as I like to be called, "Rick".  Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to get to know me and the work we have been accomplishing over the past years to strengthen marriages and families, to bring healing to wounded hearts and relationships, and to make a difference in the culture and the communities in which you live.

Love Better!

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Dr. MARKS' BOOK: Relationships for Life

Want your corporate team to learn healthy relationship skills for a healthy, mature work environment?  Contact us today for more information.

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Helping couples, families and people develop the skills to love better, maturely, and the biblically sound and research-based skills to do so..