Welcome to the website of Richard Marks, PhD.  Or, as he likes to be called, "Rick".  Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to get to know him and the work we have been accomplishing over the past years to strengthen marriages and families, to bring healing to wounded hearts and relationships, and to make a difference in the culture and the communities in which you live.

He is the Vice President of Live the Life Ministries. I have earned a PhD in Psychology and Counseling, a Master or Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and an M.A. in Religious Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  In addition to being a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am also an ordained minister.  I am a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Ministries and a 12 year U.S. Navy veteran.  I have served in various capacities from senior manager at private psychiatric hospitals, graduate school professor, pastor of the family ministries of a 28,000 member church, and most recently, a Special Assistant of Healthy Marriage and Fatherhood Initiatives for the Governor of the State of Kansas.

Dr. Marks coauthored the book Relationships for Life.  This book is much of my thinking about healthy relationships.  He is also the founder of HOPE Weekends,  a 22 hour intensive marriage education program for distressed marriages.  Additionally, he is also a certified trainer for the relationship skills program, Adventures in Marriage and the premarital program titled; Start Smart.  He also conducts trainings for Prepare Enrich.

Dr. Marks served as a Commissioner on the Florida Commission on Marriage and Family Support Initiatives from 2003-2007 and have been a keynote and conference speaker in conferences such as Smartmarriages, AACC, North American Conference for Divorced and Separated Catholics, and Association of Marriage and Family Ministries. Dr. Marks has also conducted marriage and single adult retreats around the country as well as seminars on leadership and relationship skills in the workplace.  Dr. Marks has also written articles for local publications in the Jacksonville, Florida area and has been on national and local radio and television shows such as the 700 Club.  

Most important, Dr. Rick has been married to Louella for over 30 years and have three wonderfully loving, mature adult children that they are so very proud of.  Rick and Louella share their story of healing from growing up in broken, divorced homes and they things they learned as adults to insure they had a loving, caring, healthy marriage that glorified Christ and was a healthy example to their children.

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