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About "Dr. Rick"

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He is the founder and Executive Director of ConnectUs 4 Life, Inc. (DBA: Marriage for Life).

Dr. Richard Marks earned a PhD in counseling psychology, an MA in marriage and family therapy and an MA in religious education. He is a licensed professional counselor and a Clinical Fellow with the AAMFT, a member of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counseling, a member of the American Counseling Association, and has spoken at national conferences such as the IAMFC, AACC, Smartmarriages, The Florida Addiction Summit and the annual NARME conference. Dr. Marks is a sought after conference speaker for
businesses, social service organizations, military and faith-based organizations. His training includes working with trauma victims, substance abuse, sexual addictions, troubled marriages, and general mental health issues.

Since 2004 he has led a monthly HOPE Weekend marriage intensive, as well as individual marriage intensives, using the RelateWell process, with highly distressed couples with 85% still being together and reporting marital satisfaction after a year of completing the intensive program. Dr. Marks is also an ordained minister has conducted relationship seminars for singles, youth, and marriages for over 25 years for varying denominational churches including Catholic, mainstream protestant as well as evangelical. Dr, Marks has served as a chaplains assistant for 12 years in the US Navy, senior manager in psychiatric hospitals, private practice, Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy teaching graduate students, Director of counseling and family ministry at a 25,000 member church, and served as the Special Assistant for Marriage and Fatherhood for Governor Brownback in Kansas.

Dr. Marks has been married to Louella since 1984 and they have three healthy and mature adult children. Dr. Marks was raised in a broken
home where emotional, verbal, and physical abuse existed. He developed an addictive personality and was deeply insecure. After coming to the Christian faith when he was 17, right out of high school, he enlisted in the US Navy as a chaplain’s assistant. This is where his interest and love for counseling began to take root and blossom. This is when he met Louella, who also came from a broken home where abuse and alcoholism dominated. Two wounded people found each other, fell in love, and married. Yet, neither knew about healthy mature love.  They were forced to learn this out of their own marital journey.  Fortunately, they did and passed these skills and principles on to their children and to others in the profession.

Dr. Rick teaches emotionally healthy leadership seminars and workshops for businesses and has had the opportunity to serve Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Metal Treating Association, American Bakers Association, Blastcraft, a John Deere company in Wisconsin, and others.  He teaches work teams the principles and skills to function at optimal levels, reduce stress, increase teamwork and reduce conflict and increase focused.

Additionally, Dr. Rick trains therapists and counselors using the RelateWell process to aid them and empower the couple with the emotional and
relational skills needed for a loving and thriving marriage. This can be found at 

He looks forward to serving you as well and passing on what he has learned so you might benefit from his thinking, innovation and experiences.