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A marriage intensive or couples retreat is a private personalized 1 to 4 day program for couples who are interested in an intensive and effective approach to marriage counseling that gets couples unstuck and provides the skills and tools necessary to create the marriage they desire.

I have conducted marriage intensives for over 15 years and these have had a profound effect and have moved divorcing couples out of divorce court in a reconciliation and restoration. I work with highly distressed or stuck couples where traditional marriage therapy has proven ineffective.  Marriage intensives are cheaper than a divorce and much more meaningful. Couples learn that what they believed to unsolvable problems are actually solvable and that a strong, healthy, loving, and mature Usness is possible.

Whether couples are in crisis or in need of a tune up, a personalized marriage intensive or couples retreat offers the hope of a deeper and more meaningful relationship. Whether your goal is to restore your fading love, or make major marital decisions, a marriage intensive or couples retreat can help you gain insight into your marital challenges while teaching you researched based strategies for
effective communication and lasting love.

Whether you have “lost that loving feeling” for a long time, are working through an emotional and sexual affair, contemplating divorce or separation, marriage intensives are designed with you in mind. It is my role to provide clarity around the issues, facilitate understanding and healing, and provide the skills and tools for you to move things forward to continue to grow and mature in your love for each other and to continue to grow in your Usness.

Unlike other marriage intensives and couples retreats, I advocate for the marriage but not at any price. The objective of my marital intensives is to support a couple in their relationship goals.  I believe in marriage and helping couples that desire and want a strong and healthy marriage. I am in your corner for your marriage and will fight alongside you for it. Not just harder than you. If you are interested in a marriage intensive or desire more information, please complete the form below and we will contact you.

Marriage intensives are from 8:30-5:30 each day (could go longer if I deem it necessary) and are held at our counseling office in Jacksonville, FL. Cost for intensives are $1200.00 per day and fees are offered on a sliding scale. Call our office at 904-724-8683 or complete the form below and we will get in touch with you.

Richard Marks, PhD 

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